The 2020 Miss Central Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen Contestants Competing for the Title of Miss MidState's Outstanding Teen

1. Jillan Wertz
Talent - Dance/Gymnastics - "Dance Monkey"
Social Impact - "How Anxiety Affects the Minds of Teens" 
Grade 8
Age 14

2. Ava Grace Rabin
Talent - Vocal - "The Climb"
Social Impact - "Juvenile Artheritis"
Grade 10
Age 15

3.Kira Kline
 Talent - Vocal -"If You Believe"
Social Impact - "Body Positivity: Inspiring Girls and Boys to Accept Themselves and Others"
Grade 11
Age 17 

4. Kari Ann Leventopoulos
Talent - Piano - "Fur Elise"
Social Impact - "Giving Food, Doing Good: Feeding Those in Need" 
Grade 8
Age 14

5. Kelley Zimmerman
Talent - Voccl - "Pulled"
Social Impact - "No Excuse for Abuse" 
Grade 10
Age 15

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